FAQ: I Kind of Binge Eat Impulsively but Its Not a Big Deal – Its Not Like I Am Obese or Completely out of Control – It Is Not Even Every Day

In FAQ by Yuliya Richard

“I kind of binge eat impulsively but its not a big deal – its not like I am obese or completely out of control – it is not even every day. Sometimes, when I drive by McDonalds I just have to drive through, or sometimes, I go through periods when I can’t control myself – but ultimately I am still OK”.

You are right; it might not be completely out of control, and you might be still of a healthy weight and not have any health problems yet.

But you can not kid yourself.

Let’s see what your life may look like in 10 years if you don’t learn to control your eating habits. If, whenever you experience emotional distress, you eat junk food or you eat healthy food but overeat, if you eat when you are bored, stressed, lonely, busy, tired and under other circumstances, if you eat when you see something or you simply can’t resist temptations or urges, what do you think your health would be like in 10 years?

Some of the short-term consequences might be feeling disgusted with yourself, ashamed, out of control, pathetic, like a looser, hiding, hating yourself. Some other ones could be feeling nauseous after overeating, bloated and stuffed, unable to do anything else. Mid-term consequences could include affected self esteem and confidence, disliking how you look, having to buy bigger cloth, feeling unattractive or undesirable, obsessing over food, putting on weight, having to adjust your lifestyle, or simply not feeling good about yourself. Long-term consequences might include development of some of the chronic health conditions: heart problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, diabetes; ultimately, your quality of life can be compromised.

AND you know why you don’t think that it is a problem? Because of your impulsivity. When people are high in impulsivity, they are more likely to focus on short immediate gains and not long term benefits ( e.g. muffin today – diet next month) or in other context ( e.g. party today – study for exams next week). Your impulsivity might prevent you from seeing things as they are and planning for the future. Impulsivity is all about “I want it and I want it now, I don’t care about tomorrow”.

You might choose not to engage in a program, but you can’t say: “I thought it was not a big deal – I thought I could manage it”. You are smarter and more capable than that – you deserve to live a great life where you are always in control, don’t compromise yourself – learn today how to manage your impulsive overeating. Register on www.impulsivity.com.au, and learn how to manage your craving and temptations and stop impulsively overeating.


Flickr Image by Brian King