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What Is Urge Surfing & How Does It Work? [Meditation & Mindfulness]

In binge eating, Eating, impulsive overeating, Self-control, Temptation by Caroline

Urge surfing is a meditation or mindfulness exercise that can help to control impulsive behaviours. It’s a powerful tool for addressing addiction and has been proven to work in many different types of setting. In this article, we’ll discuss exactly what it is and how it works so you can decide if it’s something that may be useful in your …

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Do you want to stop overeating or binging? Learn the difference between emotional hunger and physical hunger.

In binge eating, Eating, impulsive overeating, Self-control, Temptation by Yuliya Richard

A key skill to learn when you are trying to harness your impulsive overeating is knowing how to differentiate between emotional and physical hunger. It is an important difference for several reasons. First of all, if you make no distinction and just eat whenever you become aware of hunger signals, without stopping to check if your belly really is empty, …

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Addiction or Weakness – Why Do You Lose Control Around Food ?

In binge eating, Eating, impulsive overeating by Yuliya Richard

Does food addiction actually exist, or is it just a modern excuse to avoid responsibility for lifestyle choices, such as impulsive overeating?  Have you ever heard: “Oh my God, you will be addicted once you try this…” “You will never be able to eat anything but these…” or “I can’t live without eating…” “Oh my God, I just had to …