Course: Control Your Binge Drinking

In by Yuliya Richard

Do you think you are a binge drinker but want to take control of your drinking?

Do you feel that you simply can’t stop?

Do you have a bit of FOMO and YOLO?

Does ‘having a good time with mates’ leave you as the last man standing, and result in blackouts and embarrassing scenes, arguments with your partner and having to take the next day off work?

Are the only fun times in your life when you are having a couple of drinks – well, not just a couple?

Being fully honest with yourself about your binge drinking may not be easy. But the time has definitely come for you to take responsibility for your drinking habits if you might compromise your chances at work or separate from your current partner, or you simply need to break the partying habits established in your early twenties, 15 years ago. This program will work for you.

You will learn about how being impulsive in your choices can hinder your attempt to control your behaviour, and how to understand, modify and monitor your drinking so that it doesn’t lead to embarrassment any more. We can help you control your behaviour at all times. Give yourself a chance to succeed, you can do it.

* This program is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Consult with your doctor about the most suitable approach for you. If you have any medical and mental health issues or concerns, please seek help from your doctor, psychiatrist or psychologist.

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