Impulsivity Master Class


“Master your impulsive behaviour to get what you really want!” Impulsivity Masterclass is an online psycho-education program designed to educate you to better understand your unhelpful impulsive behaviour. In this program, you will learn how to manage your urges and impulses, master your emotions and control your impulsive behaviours at all times”



Well done! You have chosen to make positive changes in your life, learn how to control your behaviour and do away with unhelpful impulsivity.

Take a moment to imagine your life once you have achieved your goal of gaining better self-control. Imagine that unhelpful impulsivity is no longer an issue.

How will your life be different?

What will you look like?

How will you feel about yourself?

What about your relationships and your career?

Some of the benefits will include:

  • Feeling fit, strong, resilient and maintaining healthy body weight.
  • Having higher self-esteem and confidence.
  • If you struggle with gambling – you can finally pay off your debts and spend money on things that really matter to you.
  • If you struggle with impulsive overeating or binging – you no longer have to stay in a vicious cycle of self-hate and overeating – you no longer have to struggle with urges to eat.
  • If you struggle with explosive anger – you can finally learn to control and express your anger in a way that is not aggressive or threatening to others, and you can improve your relationships.
  • If you procrastinate – you will learn to do tasks on time, without delaying and failing.
  • If you overspend impulsively – you will enjoy the freedom and the peace of mind of not having to avoid debt collectors and – finally – save for your deposit or for a holiday that you’ve dreamt about for a such a long time.

Overall, knowing how to exercise self-control at all times helps you achieve your goals more quickly, avoid diet and fitness routine transgression, and develop stress management and self-esteem.
So, don’t take chances with your impulsive behaviour. It got stronger every time you reached out to grab that chocolate cake or a pint of beer, when you mindlessly pulled out your credit card to pay for a designer bag, and when you screamed, being overwhelmed by road rage.

Enough is enough. Today is your turn. Beat that impulsive behaviour by signing up for our program.

Notice: An hour of seeing a psychologist is $200, while you can purchase our program for only $199 and keep it for life.


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