Manage explosive anger or rage & other negative behaviours with online courses developed by Australian psychologists.

Gain self-control to overcome bad habits and improve your relationships with our online courses.

Are you having difficulty controlling explosive anger or rage – in relationships or at work?

Do you struggle with self control and self-discipline? Do you act without thinking and always seek immediate reward or gratification? Are you a compulsive shopper or are you binge drinking or binge eating?

Do you find yourself procrastinating? Perhaps you struggle with emotions such as loneliness or sadness.

The problem may be that you are struggling to control impulsive behaviour – your impulsivity. Impulsivity underlies behaviours which can lead to undesired habits, even addictions.

The good news is you can change your habits and take control of your life. Our online courses have been designed by experts and based on extensive research into impulsivity. They help you to understand your behaviour and give you simple tools to make changes to improve your personal relationships, your sex life, or your work relationships.

Impulsivity courses are affordable. You can do them in the privacy of your own home, and at your own pace. Return to the course materials whenever you need to, plus you will receive ongoing support through our webinars and resources.

Our courses work! Many people who have done Impulsivity courses have changed their behaviour and relationships for the better.

How do you know if you are impulsive and if it is a problem for you? Take our free, confidential, 4 minute test to see if impulsive behaviours are the reason for your anger, poor relationships or lack of self-control.


Overcome your unwanted habits

Binge Eating
Anger & Rage
Binge Drinking
Relationships issues
Self Control
Between the Sheets
Impulsivity MasterClass

How It Works

Stopping the struggle with unwanted habits has never been easier.


From dealing with binge eating or drinking to anger management and more, choose the course that’s relevant to you.


Our online courses are easy to follow, can be done on any device and can be completed at your own speed.


You now have the tools and strategies to move forward in a positive and healthy manner.

What our students say

“It felt as if the course was written for me, especially learning about the cycle of anger I went through every couple of month, the triggers, rumination, explosion and remorse and promises made. It absolutely spoke to what I have been experiencing.”
“I still love wine, but now I drink better ones and more rarely, and I appreciate each drop a lot.
I recommend this course to all the people who want to be in control of their alcohol consumption, even though it doesn’t seem dangerous yet.”
“The course is nicely paced, I am enjoying the material. The most valuable learning was realising that I struggle with perseverance and actually don’t plan that well and I have learnt to focus on main task where I can improve myself.”

Impulsivity Courses for Businesses

Impulsivity online courses to support the wellbeing of your staff. Supporting your people is supporting your business. We provide tailored programs for businesses to help them support their team through times of uncertainty.

Our online courses help people manage impulsive behaviours personally and in the workplace. This brings about improved self control, and gives the person the ability to break unhelpful habits that are the root cause of anger management problems, procrastination, binge drinking, relationships issues and more. Our online courses are private, comprehensive and effective, and will help your staff understand their behaviour and bring about lasting change, benefitting both your people and your business.

The Impulsivity Project Online Team

Dr. Ahmed Moustafa
Dr. Ahmed Moustafa
“I study factors underlying impulsivity in individuals with heroin and alcohol use disorders, such as intolerance of uncertainty and impaired future planning activities.”
Dr. Yuliya Richard
Dr. Yuliya Richard
“If you’re not in control of your dysfunctional impulsive behaviours they will control you”.
Dr. Sirous Mobini
Dr. Sirous Mobini
“It is important to be in control of your behaviour as it helps you feel being in control of your life.”
Leigh Pierce
Leigh Pierce
“Although not all impulses are bad, understanding them is essential in ensuring you don’t develop unhealthy habits or addictions.”
Anchal Garg
Anchal Garg
“I am a psychology researcher. I believe mental health is an important facet of one’s functioning. We all could benefit from psychological help which is available either in person or online.”
Sam Spence
Sam Spence
“Clients Support and Administration Management – Helping you to achieve your goals”