Welcome to 2019! How did you celebrate last night? We hope you are going to have a great year and achieve all your goals!

Whether you are trying to give up overeating, stop losing your temper or simply trying to stay fit and improve your health, we know that there are many challenges and setbacks along the way.   At last, you are here and we are so happy to help you kick your unwanted habits once and for all. We know that it hasn’t been easy for you and most likely it is not the first time that you have tried to overcome some of your destructive habits. Maybe even last year you were in exactly the same place, hoping and wishing that you could finally free yourself of those destructive habits. Let’s just make sure that you don’t quit by the end of January! Let’s start by being clear about our goals.

What is it that you actually want?

Just being fit and healthy is not a good enough goal. It might be a good direction for us to move in, but it is not a specific goal. What would you like to achieve? Is it a particular transformation? Lifestyle change? Overcoming addiction or a destructive habit? If so, be specific about the change. For example, you might like to stop yelling at your kids whenever you get frustrated, or stop binge drinking, maybe even stop your impulsive overspending.

Think for a moment about what exactly you want to change and write it below:

Good start! Now write down what your life will look like when you achieve your goals:

Write down how  you will feel and what you will look like when you achieve your goals:

Write down how your relationships will be different, what it will mean for your health, career, and self-esteem when you achieve your goals:

How did you go? Are you ready to start changing your life from today? It’s ok if today you focus on recovering and start tomorrow.  Just do one kind thing for yourself today. Something small and something kind. We will help you to achieve your goals with our monthly guide (will be available online shortly, and absolutely free). Meantime, choose your course to help you to achieve your goals in 2019!