Looking after your staff is looking after your business.

Managing staff during times of uncertainty is incredibly difficult, we understand that. That’s why we’re here to help you support your greatest asset – your people. When looking after the wellbeing of your staff, you’re investing in their health and happiness, which is an investment for your business.

Our online courses help people manage impulsive behaviours, improve self control, and break unhelpful habits on anger management, procrastination, binge drinking and relationships. They’re private, comprehensive and effective, and will help your staff understand their behaviour and bring about lasting change.

What’s included

Through a series of engaging online video lessons your people will learn:

  • How impulsiveness can become a pattern of behaviour that sabotages their productivity

  • The link between impulsivity, procrastination, unhealthy drinking habits, relationship conflicts and anger management

  • Strategies to cope with difficult emotions and unhelpful thoughts

  • Strategies for approaching tasks in ways that make you less likely to procrastinate

  • How to communicate better and have better relationships

  • Techniques to help them through times of anxiety, stress and uncertainty

How we can support you

Discounts, packages and bespoke courses

Our individual courses RRP at $199 per course, however we can organise corporate discounts and packages on particular courses, or group log-ins so your staff have the option to choose the course that’s best for them.

If you have particular needs, requirements or something else in mind, we can create bespoke and tailored courses for your business.

Empowering you to support your staff

We’re going through unprecedented times and it’s hard to know what the right thing to do, or say is sometimes. We can provide online and face to face coaching sessions for managers to help them support their staff and improve resilience and culture.

Staff support

Times like this can uncover a lot of difficult emotions for people such as loneliness, feeling isolated, frustrated, and finding it challenging dealing with the uncertainty. This is the time when your staff may need you the most. We are available for additional support for your staff either over the phone, online or face to face.


  • BA Hons Arts Education

  • GD Psychology & PGD Psychology

  • PGD Counselling and Psychotherapy

  • PGD in Applied Psychology

  • Professional Doctorate in Clinical and Health Psychology