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Welcome to your “Beat the Binge” online course.

This course is designed to help people who struggle to manage their mindless and impulsive overeating.  This course is a great way to better understand and manage your hunger, learn about your urges and impulses, develop better relationship with food and improve overall self-regulation.

We recommend that you start from the Navigation video and then proceed to the first Module. After each module, Leigh your head tutor will check in with you. Each exercise is related to the essential content provided in each module and is designed to help you apply what you are learning in your daily life, forming healthy habits that will help you make this change successful and lasting. People who use the workbook, along with taking the online course often describe getting the most benefit out of this program.

Well done for choosing to make positive changes in your life and in taking control of your impulsive overeating. Remember, the knowledge you gain in this course will help you improve other areas of your life as well.

And we are here to help you, if you have any questions please email [email protected]

This program is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Consult with your doctor about the most suitable approach for you. If you have any medical and mental health issues or concerns, please seek help from your doctor, psychiatrist, or psychologist.