Impulsivity Online Courses for clients of Lawyers and Solicitors

Help your client achieve a more favourable outcome.

Do you have a client who is before the courts due to irrational or poor behaviour?

Having your client complete an Impulsivity course can help to demonstrate your client’s remorse as well as their willingness to improve their mindset and take control of their life. It can also address the source of their behaviour – reducing the chance of reoffending. 

Dysfunctional impulsivity can be the source of irrational and illegal behaviour such as assault, domestic and family violence, theft, fraud, alcohol related crime, road rage, driving under the influence (DUI), employment related misdemeanours.

Helpful courses for those before the Courts

Our courses address the behaviours that can lead to legal trouble.

Through engaging online video lessons and worksheets your clients will learn:

  • how impulsiveness sabotages their lives and their decision making
  • to understand where their impulses are coming from.
  • the link between impulsivity and unhealthy drinking habits, relationship conflicts and anger 
  • how to recognise the signs of impulsiveness
  • strategies to change their behaviour and to cope with difficult emotions, forceful impulses and unhelpful thoughts

The benefits of Impulsivity courses for your clients

Our, low cost, online, courses have been developed by leading Australian psychologists in conjunction with the University of Newcastle.

There are many reasons why our courses are effective.

The benefits of Impulsivity courses for lawyers and solicitors

Our courses provide you with another tool that you can use to achieve a positive result for your clients.

Our courses provide you with another tool that you can use to achieve a positive result for your clients.

Through a series of engaging online video lessons and worksheets, your clients will learn:


Dr. Yuliya Richard

Founder – Impulsivity

Dr Yuliya Richard | Impulsivity

My name is Dr. Yuliya Richard and I am a clinical psychologist, working in private practice in Australia for more than 14 years. 

I designed the the web-based psychoeducational program – Impulsivity – to help people manage their emotions and gain control over their behaviours.

Throughout my career I have been helping people to battle addiction, overcome emotional distress, and to change their unhealthy and often destructive habits. I work with people who struggle in their relationships, at work, or are simply feeling overwhelmed. If people are willing to change their current situation but are not sure how to do it, I can help.

My research, and the research of others, shows that if  impulsivity is never addressed then it can negatively impact on all aspects of our lives. It makes us feel ashamed about our actions, weak or lacking discipline and causes us to give up on our dreams and goals. Everyone deserves to know that they always have a chance to overcome their difficult behaviours and become stronger. If you don’t fight impulsivity, it will find a way to be in control of you always.

I welcome you to explore our courses to see if there are any that could help your clients. Together, I hope we can achieve long-lasting impactful change in your client’s lives which we hope will curtail their destructive, impulsive behaviour.

Dr Yuliya Richard | Impulsivity

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