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Do you need to let go of some of the limiting and unhelpful ideas about sex and relationships and would you like to learn about healthy sexuality and ways to relate better to your partner?   Creating a sex life on your terms and a healthy, happy relationship go hand in hand. If you find yourself making choices around sex that sometimes damage you and others, our online bundled Relationships & Rebuilding and Creating a Sex Life on Your Terms courses can help you take back control of your relationship, and your relationship with sex. 

This program includes a lifetime access to video lessons, practical activities, worksheets and mindfulness exercises.

You will learn to:

  • Understand where your urges and triggers are coming from that lead to regretful decisions and behaviours around sex.
  • Learn new methods and techniques to control these urges so you have positive sexual experiences.
  • Strengthen and build relationships and communication around sex.
  • Manage conflicts within the relationship that won’t create further damage .
  • Communicate better with one another.