Just a quick update on what we have been up to lately. Our team is preparing for a busy year and we are sharing our research with universities in other countries.

Dr Ahmed Mohamed has been overseas visiting different universities and spreading the word about impulsivity, development of unhealthy habits and addictions.

Here is a snapshot of his presentation to the Department of Psychology at Ibn Haldun University, Istanbul, Turkey:

Addiction is the continuation of a habit in spite of negative consequences. Over the last eight years, in collaboration with multiple hospitals in Sydney, we have collected various data showing that individuals with addiction (substance use disorder) “chase short-term rewards,” such as drugs of abuse (i.e., immediate gratification). Accordingly, individuals with addiction do not plan for the future (e.g., plan to attend university or to have a career). Based on these findings, I discuss implications for clinical treatments of addiction (Moustafa et al., 2018a; Moustafa et al., 2018b; Scherbaum et al., 2017; Garami et al., 2018; Mahlberg et al., 2019).

If you are interested in learning more about the recent research conducted in this area or wish to get a copy of the above-mentioned articles, contact us directly at [email protected]