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We are happy to announce that we Impulsivity Project Online and Western Sydney University have joined forces in a research partnership to use online training programs to treat alcohol addiction.

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We are happy to announce our partnership of development and implementation of computerised program for neurobehavioral rehabilitation for people with traumatic brain injury and acquired brain injury.

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We are happy to announce the publication of Cognitive, Clinical, and Neural Aspects of Drug Addiction by Dr Moustafa.

The most successful treatments begin with studying why individuals become addicted to drugs and how to change their thinking and behaviour. This book focuses on the theories that cause drug addiction, including avoidance behavior, self-medication, reward sensitization, behavioral inhibition and impulsivity. Dr Richard has co-authored a chapter on Behavioural inhibition and impulsivity as factors underlying drug use.

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Dr. Sirous Mobini presented an innovative approach to the treatment of impulsivity in four patients with frontal injury at Elm Park Brain Injury Rehabilitation Hospital. This approach combined computerised and face-to-face Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in treatment of dysfunctional impulsive behaviours within the neurobehavioural and cognitive rehabilitation programme. The clinical outcome measures showed significant improvements in the measures of impulsivity and challenging behaviours.

Impulsive behavior in drug addiction - Clinical cognitive and neural correlates

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Miezah Game Addiction among University students Ghana 2020