About us

You will learn how to manage urges and impulses as they arise, to avoid behaving impulsively.

This program was designed to help you gain control over your impulsive behaviour under any circumstances and especially in situations where you experience urges, cravings and temptations or difficult emotions (anger, loneliness, sadness).

The program is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to help you to understand yourself, your thinking and your impulsive behaviour, and how to manage it. Learn how to master impulsive behaviour effectively, especially in those situations where it seems to cause problems.

You can access support materials to help you to learn all you need to learn to be a master of your behaviour. And of course you can access the support of our team and have the opportunity to access our regular webinars to enhance your journey of mastery.

This program has been developed as a part of a research study; the research and the development of this program were also supported by a grant awarded at the University of Newcastle.

“If you don’t experience sex, drugs, alcohol or gambling addictions you may not realise that you have impulsive behaviour issues so you don’t realise that you need to do this course to help you to be more in control of your life. The program was very helpful, I learnt a lot about my mental state. The course is nicely paced, I am enjoying the material. The most valuable learning was realising that I struggle with perseverance and actually don’t plan that well and I have learnt to focus on main task where I can improve myself. There was a reflection exercise in the first video looking at positive and negative outcomes of short-term gratification it was good to realise and to step back from it and to think about long term consequences of my actions. It helps me to stay more focused and be more effective at work.”Tim

About Yuliya

If you’re not in control of your dysfunctional impulsive behaviours they will control you.Dr. Yuliya Richard

Dr. Richard’s Welcome Note

Welcome to impulsivity online courses. My name is Dr. Yuliya Richard and I am a Sydney-based clinical psychologist working in private practice. I am the founder of the Impulsivity Online Project, a web based program designed to help people manage their emotions and gain control over their behaviours.

For more than 14 years I have been helping people to battle addiction, overcome emotional distress, and change their unhealthy habits. I also work with people who struggle in their relationships, at work, or are simply feeling overwhelmed. If people are willing to change their current situation but are not sure how to do it, I can help.

After researching the area of dysfunctional impulsivity as a part of my Doctoral Thesis, I created an online program to assist people in their battle to control impulsive behaviors. I realized that if impulsivity is never addressed then it can negatively impact on all aspects of our lives. It makes us feel ashamed about our actions, weak or lacking discipline, and causes us to give up on our dreams and goals. I believe you deserve to know that there is a chance to overcome these difficult behaviors and become stronger. If you don’t fight impulsivity, it will find a way to be in control of you always.

I want you to know that this is not who you are. You simply haven’t learnt how to stop your impulsivity from running your life. But you can learn it, you can practice strategies to set yourself free. Learn more about what we have to offer and enjoy becoming stronger and more in control.

Dr. Yuliya Richard

Words to live by

“If you’re not in control of your dysfunctional impulsive behaviours they will control you”. Dysfunctional impulsivity will urge you : “Live in the moment, you only live once. Have fun now! Forget about consequences, do something exciting, don’t worry about planning, do whatever you want today.

Despite what impulsivity tells you to do, living your life this way doesn’t lead to long lasting happiness. If you binge drink, most likely you feel embarrassment in the morning. If you overspend you, still may struggle with confidence and self-esteem while your house is full of stuff you don’t use. If you gamble, you lie to your partner about it and have increasing debts. If you experience rage, your friendships and relationships suffer. If you procrastinate, you never achieve your goals or dreams. If you eat impulsively, you may feel weak and out of control, while steadily putting on weight. If you try to give up drugs or other unhelpful habit, you may find that it take you longer to break these habits. These behaviors don’t stop on their own! YOU need to take control to change how you deal with your impulses and urges.”

Dr. Richard’s Qualifications

I. BA Hons Arts Education
II. GD Psychology & PGD Psychology
III. PGD Counselling and Psychotherapy
IV. PGD in Applied Psychology
V. Professional Doctorate in Clinical and Health Psychology