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What is Impulsivity?

Impulsivity is a series of online courses professionally developed by Australia’s leading psychologists in conjunction with the University of Newcastle. They address dysfunctional impulsivity which can be the source of irrational and illegal behaviour. The courses can be completed in the non-judgemental environment of the client’s home, at their own pace. 

The range of courses can apply to various situations like; 

Impulsivity is at the core of the psychology of dysfunctional or eratic behaviour. Impulsivity in your day to day lives can see you acting out in a negative manner, and those actions have a serious impact on your life. 

The impulsivity project is a stepping stone for helping you towards a positive future, free of some of the burdens of impulsive behaviour. A certificate of completion demonstrates your willingness to improving your mindset and in turn gaining control of your life.

Our impulsivity courses.

Anger & Rage

Binge Drinking

Relationship Issues