Alarming reports from China’s registry offices show an increase in divorce after the country went into isolation.

We as a society have grown to live incredibly busy lives – work to kids to gym to kids sport to social commitments to running/looking after a house – we can go days without sitting down with our loved ones with no commitments, chores or work to do.

So what to do if you’ve had to isolate yourselves to your apartment or home?

  • Establish separate working areas
  • Share the load – it might help to establish who will be looking after what. Someone on dish duty, and the other on the washing.
  • Try some new games that involve the whole family.
  • Communicate – this is so important. It’s important to keep the communication open, honest and with empathy.
  • Sit down together for meals or try some new activities together – like journaling together and creating vision boards.

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