A recent article in the Medical Journal of Australia reported there had been a rise in advertising complaints on how advertisers were capitalising on the COVID situation for increased alcohol consumption.

When Australia went into lockdown and with many Melbournians are still homeschooling their kids at home, parents have taken to Instagram to show how they were getting through these times (cue glass of wine). 

While we’re all guilty of these, the Medical Journal of Australia reported how these harmless memes and influx of posts on social, actually risk normalising alcohol as a coping mechanism and promote alcohol consumption as a healthy way to cope. 

“We know if people are drinking regularly or binge drinking and using this as a way to de-stress, and ultimately cope, it can start out quite harmless but end up having harmful effects on your relationships and homelife.” Dr Richard, founder of Impulsivity explained.

So before you pop that snap or insta story on your channels tonight, stop and think what subconscious effect this might be having on those around you. 

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