Do you struggle with impulsive overeating? Do you find food to be both friend and enemy?

Would it surprise you to know that your impulsive overeating isn’t your fault?

If you want to change any habit or behavior, you need to understand what caused the formation of this behavior in the first place. Impulsive behavior is difficult to navigate without an understanding of your personality, triggers, and thinking patterns.
It really is all in your head.
And it really is something you can fix.

It has been acknowledged in the scientific community that “Impulsivity is perhaps the most important trait to consider for binge eating and associated eating disorders”.

And simply understanding what impulsivity is will not be enough to overcome it.
In this book we cover the following topics:

  • The difference between Binge Eating and Binge Eating Disorders
  • Understanding the role of impulsivity in the development and maintaining your impulsive and mindless eating habits. Eating when experiencing certain emotions (positive/negative.
  • Inability to resist temptations
  • Difficulties controlling urges
  • Not planning well or failing to plan at all

and much more…

This workbook can assist you in understanding your own impulsive behavioral issues so you can gain control of your habits and choices and be in control of your health and happiness.

Did you know?

Impulsive binge eating is a surprisingly common behaviour, with almost 3 million people experiencing it in the USA alone. Worryingly, less than half of those affected go on to seek help. The majority try to battle it alone, relying simply on willpower, and eventually giving up altogether. But there are proven strategies that you can use to regain control and beat your binge eating for good…

This book is designed to help you beat your impulsive overeating. You will learn how impulsivity makes it difficult for you to control your behaviour when overeating and how to manage your impulsivity in order to stop the cycle. It’ll teach you practical strategies so that you can manage thoughts and behaviours that may cause you to binge.

By reading all of the chapters, you’ll be armed with the tools and knowledge to regain control over your life and develop a healthier relationship with food. Buy it now or download a sample…