Get on Board the Sushi Train Visualisation and Control Your Overeating

In Eating by Yuliya Richard

Sometimes, in order to overcome your impulsive overeating, you simply don’t have to do anything at all. Just allow yourself to breathe and be present, pay attention to the sensations arising in your body and the urge to eat something just for a sake of eating, not because you are hungry, were planning to eat it, or were waiting for dessert the whole day, but simply because you suddenly saw a tempting slice of cake or pie, or chips.

Just like in this short video, you don’t have to do anything at all. Simply observe your temptation approaching and slowly passing by. So, let it pass, don’t grab it, don’t munch on it, don’t obsess with it, simply let it pass.

Sometimes, you can help yourself to grow strong by visualising your temptations on a sushi train. You can imagine that your temptation is slowly approaching and your urge is growing overwhelmingly strong, but you can hang on just for a few seconds, sit still just for a few seconds and tell yourself – “Its OK. I will not take it. I am stronger. The temptation will pass and the urge will subside”. You can practice this visualisation exercise anywhere.