Do you think you deserve to take control back? Would you like to  stop mindless overeating and out of control binges?
Do you want to break the cycle of impulsive overeating?
  • Are you sick and tired of feeling weak and undisciplined?
  • Under the spell of cupcakes or chips?
  • Do you have difficulties eating just one cookie when you open a pack?
  • Perhaps you snack before and after your meals? Or maybe all the time?
  • Do you overeat when you are angry, annoyed, frustrated, or sad?
  • Do you promise to eat better tomorrow – but never quite manage to follow through?

We have developed this online program just for you. You will get: 

  • Over 25 video lessons that walk you step-by-step through CBT techniques and mindfulness strategies
  • Practical activities that allow you to put what you’re learning into practice
  • 22 printable worksheets for you to complete along the way
  • Library of mindfulness exercises and guided meditation recordings
  • Easy access from your mobile phone, a tablet or compute
  • Lifetime access
  • BONUS: You will receive our Impulsivity Core Course for free when you get “Beat the Binge” course!
  • BONUS: You will get a bonus book “Beat the Binge- Control your Impulsive Overeating” absolutely free!

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