Impulsive Behavior Examples & Excuses – Don’t Avoid Seeking Help

In Temptation by Yuliya Richard

Most of us misinterpret impulsive behavior examples as everyday activities. A binge drinking session or risky sexual behaviour may constitute a normal weekend for many people. But these are just two impulsive behavior examples that indicate something more serious may be at play.


Common Impulsive Behavior Examples

Impulsive behaviours can range from seemingly harmless activities like spending sprees to obviously negative incidents like violence. The severity is often linked to perceived taboos in society, but in reality, it’s down to the effects on the individual and those around them. A spending spree may sound harmless, but if it’s the last straw that causes you to default on your mortgage and become homeless, then it’s a serious problem. Common impulsive behavior examples include;


  • Binge eating
  • Promiscuous sex
  • Driving recklessly
  • Going on spending sprees
  • Threatening to harm others.
  • Yelling, shouting, or screaming at others.
  • Destroying property.
  • Self-mutilation.


Impulsive Behavior Excuses

If these impulsive behavior examples sound familiar, then you may also have heard a few related excuses too. Perhaps either you or someone you know has brushed off the behaviour with a well-rehearsed explanation. People have different reasons for avoiding help to regain control over their lives. Where impulsive behaviours are concerned, some common excuses are;

  • I will never be able to resist the urges – they are so intense that they drive me mad. They only ease once I have a drink.
  • There is something wrong with me – I always do it; so, I simply can’t stop.
  • I feel so ashamed, I can’t imagine anything will help me.
  • I have done so much damage, ruined so many chances, nothing will ever change for me.
  • At my age, I should be smarter/wiser/stronger but I am just weak, I can’t stop myself.
  • My life is destroyed, I worked so hard and I sabotaged my career in one stupid argument. I am just a loser.
  • This is who I am, I cannot control myself – never could, never will.
  • I just love my ladies; so, I am not meant to be with only one woman – monogamy is a myth!
  • I have always struggled with my weight. Some people are skinny, but not me. I’ve tried everything under the sun, but nothing works, once I start eating I can’t stop myself.
  • I don’t have an anger issue, I have lost it only twice in my life, and it was about something stupid. It was just unlucky that the first time the cops got involved and she left me. The second one was just bad luck, I don’t know why it happened.
  • My family thinks I am possessed, they actually don’t talk to me anymore, no one does. I borrowed from them, stole from them, got fired and lost friends, all because of the pokies. It’s as if I am damaged, I just can’t leave once I start. Last time, I gambled the money I borrowed to travel to my father’s funeral. I don’t think anything can help me.

There are many reasons why people avoid seeking help. As a result of impulsive actions people often feel frustrated, depressed, embarrassed, guilty and ashamed. You know that you deserve better.

The inability to control impulsive behaviours leads to isolation, broken relationships and ruined careers and lives.

But it’s never to late to decide to improve your life.

This can be one of the most important skills you will ever need. You can learn to manage your unhelpful impulsive behaviour more effectively. You can start today.

Yes, you will need time and you will need to practice daily, but everything that you achieved in your life and take pride in has required spending time and effort. Learn about the other benefits of our programs today.


Written By Dr. Yuliya Richard, PsyD Clinical and Health Psychology, Principal Psychologist at Blue Horizon Counselling – Psychology and Psychotherapy practice based in Sydney.

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